By now you know smart car buyers start with Internet research, so we won't waste your time with happy trash. In a nutshell, you're at the right place for a car loan.

At the right time, too.

We'll start with timing.

• The Federal Reserve has been cutting nterest rates, but make no mistake -- if inflation ignites or the dollar keeps sinking, interest rates will go back up. These low car loan rates won't last forever.

• As we sit here in fall 2008, dealers are under extreme pressure. Analysts say car sales will drop by more than two or three million cars between 2006 and 2008, and that means dealerships are having to deal more than ever.

• Our final point on timing concerns the quality of your credit rating, because if you've got a couple dings, you are in luck.

According to some estimates, more cars were sold to people with bad credit last year than good. Dealers are much better at handling credit issues nowadays, and for a simple reason -- there's more bad credit customers every day. If you've got a credit blemish or two, you're not a problem -- you're average!

Now here is why you're at the right place to snag a car loan.

• can handle all levels of credit, but we specialize in bad credit car loans. Dealers in our nationwide network are electronically linked to about 400 lenders, and that gives them the capability to slot you to the best rate your credit score will allow.

• Yes we said "our dealers." Once you click to apply, you'll be routed to a dealer near you. There's nothing funny or sneaky about that; 80 percent of all car purchases in the U.S. are structured at dealerships, and that's where banks and other lenders are most comfortable. We can think of two sites that will give you money for direct purchases (Capital One and First Again) but both work only with people with good credit. By working with dealers, we increase your chance of approval.

Here's what puts us ahead of the crowd:

• When you're poking around other Internet car loan sites, look to see how many of them list a phone number and a real address. Think about it -- they want all your confidential information, but they'll hide theirs? That's just crazy. That's why we're proud to say you can call us at 1-800-Car-Loan or write us at 1509 West Main Street Richmond, VA 23220. When you click to apply, you'll be working with part of the Web family, (and that name is so important, we'll get to more about that later).

We have been in the bad credit car loan business nearly 20 years, and we've handled more than 5 Million applications. Those numbers give us big company clout, but considering less than 100 people work here, we haven't lost our sense of small-company, small-town service. Think about it; we wouldn't be approaching 20 years in the business if we didn't have thousands of happy customers.

• We are in top standing with the Better Business Bureau, we use state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption to protect your confidential information, and we don't sell your email address to spammers.

But here's maybe the best reason to apply via CarLoanSolutions: We're fast.

Actually, really fast.

Not only is the online application fast and easy, a majority of our customers go from applying to driving within 48 hours. You can try us right now and see for yourself, or you can keep reading and learn even more. Learn things that can save you money.

You see, we're in the car loan business, but we're really in the people business. There's nothing worse than finding the car of your dreams only to get humiliated at the end with a credit denial. And we're here to prevent that.

All the experts agree that:

1) you should not go car shopping until you know your credit score (which you can get for free from here)

2) that you should line up the financing first (which is why you can click here for a car loan solutions online application)

3) and most importantly, at the dealership, you should focus on the total price of the car and not the monthly payment. Think about it -- any payment can be made to fit your monthly budget if the loan is stretched out long enough.

Here's another way we can help you out.

For a variety of reasons, most bad credit auto loans are in the $7,000 to $12,000 range. Don't get us wrong -- twenty percent of all used Mercedes were sold to people with subprime credit last year. But as a general rule, the $250 to $300 a month payment is the sweet spot for banks.

For that reason, we invite you to read some research on the best cars for bad credit customers. (If you want to do you own digging, we suggest,, Consumer Reports -- or take some time to see all the best cars for bad credit research at Auto Loan Central. If you need an auto loan payment calculator, that last link will take you to the most simple one we could find.

Whew. That's a lot. We'll take a breath and sum it up.

Now that you're armed with all kinds of knowledge, why should you trust the family of Web sites for your business?

The answer is in the name.

Think about it. The Web is full of all kinds of mashed-up car loan names (,,,,

The company with the best name must have gotten there first.

That means they've been in business for years.

And that means they must be taking good care of their customers.

So welcome to the,, family of Web sites. If you click to apply, remember that services from Car Loan Solutions are free and put you under no obligation.

Three more things and we'll wrap it up.

First, here's something the other car loan Web sites will NEVER tell you. If you have really good credit, wait for a zero percent financing special and go straight to a dealer. No bank can compete with zero percent, and for a long time people were afraid that if they took the cheap financing offer, they would not be able to dicker on the price. Au contraire! You can haggle over anything with a dealer nowadays.


Simply put, we'll process your application at our home office in Virginia, then we'll route it to a dealer who has demonstrated high standards of customer service and extensive experience with credit issues. We work EXCLUSIVELY with licensed, franchised dealers -- no buy here, pay here lots -- and they will be contacting you to schedule a personal appointment. The personal appointment is crucial because it's the only sure way to protect your sensitive financial information.

And finally, credit paralysis is worse than bad credit. We have to deal with this all the time -- that people worry about embarrassment or hassle or lectures about how their credit got dinged. Some people worry that rates will be too high, and they hope that just by waiting, their rating will get better.

Uh, sorry, no.

The inside secret on bad credit car loans is that they are not as expensive as you might think. Do your own math on a calculator -- on the average three-year loan, $8,000 car loan the difference between a nine percent rate and 18 percent rate works out to be less than a daily cup of coffee and a newspaper from a convenience store.

Now think what that extra $1.49 a day gets you. A way to rebuild your credit. A way to show positive payment momentum that will lift your credit score and lower your interest payments next time around.

When you consider the benefits of tackling your credit problems head-on, the extra cost isn't a burden. It's a bargain.

Apply today!

Free. No obligation.

A way to get things going in your direction.

And a new ride to boot.

You know it sounds good.


The Car Loan Solutions Financial Advisory Team